Enrollment & Lottery

YES Prep Public Schools is a tuition-free public charter school system in Houston, TX. YES Prep Public Schools does not have any admission exams or interviews to admit students. We are required by law to admit students using a lottery process to select applicants at random when there are more applicants than available seats.


How to Apply for Enrollment for YES Prep Northbrook Middle School & High School

Please note that YES Prep Northbrook Middle School and YES Prep Northbrook High School, our schools in partnership with Spring Branch Independent School District, run a separate lottery. To apply online for YES Prep Northbrook campuses, click here.

Our late application is now open for school year 2022-2023. We are only accepting 9th and 10th grade students. If you are interested, please apply in the link below. If you have any questions or need assistance completing any application,  feel free to reach out to our Lottery  Coordinator adriana.banda@yesprep.org 

Lottery Priorities and Timeline

YES Prep prioritizes the lottery for each school in the following ways:

  1. Children of eligible YES Prep employees
  2. Current YES Prep students with an approved transfer request 
  3. Eligible sibling applicants (siblings who share at least one biological parent or one legal guardian with a current YES Prep student, and who do not have an active YES Prep expulsion on their school record) 
  4. Children of eligible YES Prep vendors
  5. Applicants who reside in the priority zone for the YES Prep campus they're applying to
  6. Applicants who reside outside the priority zone for the YES Prep campus they're applying to but within the YES Prep district zone
  7. Applicants who reside outside the YES Prep district zone

The lottery occurs on February 02,  2022 and families can check their student's status online on February 11, 2022

If your child is not selected in the lottery process, they will be placed on a waitlist that follows the prioritization order stated above. If seats become available at a campus where you have applied, the campus will notify families of available seats in the order of the waitlist . 

If your child does receive acceptance to a YES Prep campus, and you would like to transfer them to a different YES Prep campus, contact the campus where you were accepted. Transfer approval is based on seat availability at the campus you are hoping to move your child to.

If you miss the deadline to participate in the lottery,  the late application window opens May 9, 2022. You will be automatically placed on our waitlist and be contacted if a seat becomes available. 

Read our full admissions policy here.