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Raider Nation,

Welcome to the first edition of the Raider Roundup! Raider Roundup is YES Prep Northbrook High School's family communication tool that will be shared with families every Friday at 3pm. We'll post each week's version of Family Notes to our campus website under the "For Families" section. You'll be able to find the links to the Raider Reader on our social media pages as well (which I've included below).

We ask that both families and students read the Raider Roundup each week. You can expect to read important information and updates for the upcoming week (including special events, reminders, and resources for families). If you have information about upcoming community events and/or community events, we invite you to share that information with us at NorthbrookHS@yesprep.org!

Three weeks in to the school year, there is already amazing things happening in our classrooms each in everyday!

Here are a few cool examples:

  • Mr. Almazan's Photography class students made cyanotypes and pinhole cameras to explore the basics of photography and how cameras work!
  • Ms. Walthall's AP Statistics class is starting a project to look at how the US Soccer Federation pays the athletes of the US Women's National team, to explore how statistics can shape how we look at different issues.
  • Ms. Goergen's Freshman Seminar class are learning to use Microsoft PowerPoint as they engage in a project on their Support System.
  • In Senior Seminar, seniors are finalizing their College List as they learn about College Fit and applying to their just right college.
  • In Mr. Stevenson's Pre-Calculus class students were learning about piecewise functions and graphing what those functions look like.
  • In Mr. Soto's students spent their period outside learning about UV rays as they completed their first lab for the year.

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Every weekly edition of the Raider Roundup we will preview the next two weeks of important dates and events.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9/6 9/7 9/8 9/9 9/10 9/11
No School

Progress Report 1
Grades Close

Raider Family Association
Meeting @ 6pm

Homecoming "Party on the Patio" 5 pm

Progress Report 1 Distributed 

Homecoming Pep-Rally
7:10 - 7:40 am
Students Only

Homecoming Game
NHS vs Sam Rayburn HS
Tully Stadium

Homecoming Dance at NHS

7-11 PM

Tickets cost $20 on sale at lunch; $25 at the door

9/13 9/14 9/15 9/16 9/17 9/18
Social-Emotional Lessons Begin in 5th period classes  

National Hispanic Heritage Month Begins




Academics Announcement

For All Students:

New legislation gives parents and guardians the right to opt for their child to repeat a grade or a course that the student was enrolled in during the 2020-2021 school year (for more information visit: https://tea.texas.gov/repeatgrade). Parents or guardians that would like to exercise this right must visit their YES Prep Front Office with a request in writing no later than end of day, Sept 13.

 FYI: If your child scored Did Not Meet on Reading and/or Math STAAR exams in 5th or 8th grade in 2020-2021: 

1)      An Accelerated Learning Committee (ALC) will be set up for students who did not meet (DNM) the requirement of the STAAR Reading and Math exams in 5th or 8th grade. The ALC meeting will develop student plans based on last year's STAAR results. 

2)      Parents/guardians who are required to attend an ALC meeting will get notice from the campus of this required meeting. 

3)      The parent or guardian of a student who did not meet the minimum requirement for STAAR Reading or Math in 5th or 8th grade has the right to ask for a different teacher in English or Math if there is more than one teacher of the course.  Parents or guardians that would like to exercise this right must visit their YES Prep Front Office with a request in writing no later than end of day, Sept. 13


If your child scored Did Not Meet on any STAAR or EOC exam in 2020-2021, please read the following:  

To provide your child with additional instruction to ensure they have mastered content in a STAAR-tested subject they failed, YES Prep will be providing additional instruction in accordance with House Bill 4545. We have designed our master schedule and after-school/Saturday program to include time for remediation and tutoring. This will prevent your child from being pulled from core classes and will allow them to receive high-quality tutoring or remediation for at least 30 hours during the school year in the subject matter which was not passed. Additionally, we keep the tutoring groups as small as possible using as many staff as we can to. Parents will receive direct communication from the campus on the dates and times of the required tutorials if your child is assigned. Parents or guardians that do not agree to tutorials in group sizes larger than 3 must visit the front office with a request in writing no later than end of day, Sept 13, 2021. Failure to submit a letter to the front office will indicate approval of tutorial sizes larger than 3:1.


1.       The STAAR test was administered to students in Spring 2021. For more information on how to access your students STAAR scores please reach out to your campus front office. Additionally, the TEA STAAR Assessment Portal shows current results, previous year results, and has links to great resources to help support your child’s learning. This feature is now active so be sure to check it out! 

2.       If your child did not take the STAAR in Spring 2021, and was in grades 3-8, they will be administered an assessment to determine if they need accelerated instruction.  If they do not meet the requirements or if the assessment is unavailable, they will be required by law to attend accelerated instruction (this includes tutorials and/or intervention courses.)

3.       If your child did not take the STAAR in 2020-2021 for an EOC course they were enrolled in (Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II, or US History), they will be required by law to attend accelerated instruction (tutorials) and are required to retest at each opportunity, beginning in December 2021.


Northbrook’s Homecoming will be kicking off and we want all members of the Raider Nation to SHOW UP AND SHOW OUT! Below is a flyer detailing the themes for each day next week as we prepare for our Homecoming game at 7:00 pm against Sam Rayburn HS next Friday, 9/10, at Tully Stadium.

Homecoming Court Elections

Elections will be taking place beginning this Friday, 9/3 and run through next Tuesday, 9/7. The student nominees are aware of their nominations and are currently campaigning for votes. Students will only be allowed one vote and they may only vote for nominees within their own grade level.

Homecoming Pep Rally

The Pep Rally will be next Friday, 9/10 in Gym #1 (Main Gym), will begin at 7:10 am and will end at 7:40 am. This is for students only.

Homecoming Party on the Patio

Join us for a Party on the Patio on Wednesday from 5:30 - 8 pm to celebrate Homecoming 2021. We will have food trucks, music, and fun times for all!

Homecoming Dance

The Homecoming Dance will be next Saturday, 9/11 from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm. Tickets are on sale for $20 during all lunches now until 9/9. The price will be $25 at the door.

Not Just Football

Our Lady Raiders will also be in action next Friday, 9/10 as they face off against Cypress Creek HS in Volleyball beginning at 4:30 pm right here at Northbrook.



We want to introduce our Student Support Team! Please feel free to reach out to us with questions or concerns around your children's progress.

COVID-19 Protocols

Spring Branch ISD and YES Prep will continue to implement a multi-pronged, layered approach following health and safety guidance from federal, state, and local governmental agencies to ensure a safe and healthy start to in-person learning. The district will continue to monitor the spread of viruses and other infectious diseases and adjust mitigation procedures as needed. The district will continue to consult with healthcare professionals to make needed updates to the SBISD health and safety plan..

Click to read the full Strong Start Health and Safety Plan from SBISD (English) (Español)

Please report positive COVID-19 tests for students immediately to the school by calling the SSO at 713-251-2923 or the school clinic at 713-251-2825.

Meet our Student Support Counselors


Yenit Jimenez-Balderas, LPC
Grades:  9th and 11th


Kimberly Espinoza, LMSW
Grades: 10th and 12th 

Room: C114
Office: 713-251-2926
Teams: 713-924-5470

Room: C115
Office: 713-251-2805
Teams: 713-967-8921

We provide basic needs services, social/emotional support, grief/counseling, academic support, pregnancy related services and much more. Student referrals can be made by the student, parent/guardian, or teacher.

Go to https://yesprep.force.com/purple/s/saf if you need to submit a referral for a student. 

Student Affinity Groups

YES Prep Northbrook High School will begin to start launching Affinity groups in the month of September. Students should look out for announcements at lunch and on their grade-level Schoology pages for opportunities to join these groups. If they have any questions, they can reach out to a member of the Student Support Team.

  • GSA (Gender and Sexualities Alliance)
  • BSU (Black Student Union)
  • AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander Organization)

Look out for additional organizations that will be starting soon:

  • NHS (National Honor Society)
  • Student Council

Grade Level Schoology Pages

Students are using a new learning management system this year called Schoology. It is a website that can be accessed at https://yesprep.schoology.org. Students should login using their @yesstudents.org email that they received at the beginning of the school year. All students should have access to their Grade Level page where we will be posting important updates for students. Students are expected to check these pages daily to make sure they are up to date with school expectations, events, activities, etc. 

Student IDs

All student's were given IDs last week if we had the ID. If students enrolled later in the summer, we did not have IDs for them. We have asked these students to go to the bookroom to take their picture and order their ID. For all students that received their IDs, they must wear their IDs every day at all times while on campus grounds. If they leave their ID at home, they will be required to pay $1 for a Temporary ID Sticker from the NHS Bookroom. Students have a maximum number of temporary ID opportunities of 5 times. After 5, the student will be required to pay $5 to order a new ID. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to you Dean of Students. 


YES Prep Northbrook HS is a HERO school!

HERO encourages positive student behavior choices. When students demonstrate HERO behaviors, they may earn points toward exciting incentives. We invite students and parents to register your own HERO account so we may keep the lines of communication between home and school open. Once you register online, you may download the HERO app to receive push notifications about your student’s HERO behavior throughout the day. Students and Guardians will each have a unique Hero login account.

To register, follow these easy steps:

1) Go to https://access.heropowered.com

2) Select the parent or student button

3) Click “Create An Account”

4) Enter name, your email address, choose a password, click “Create user”

5) Click “Add Student”

6) Enter your student’s ID#, Date of Birth, and Last Name.

7) Click “Add Student”

Download the Hero App
Once you register online, you may download the HERO app from the Apple App Store or Google Play stores to keep track of HERO behavior history and Hero point balances


Schoology Family Access

A great way to stay informed about your student’s assignments is by creating a Schoology account. You will quickly be able to see their grades, upcoming assignments, late assignments, and current classwork. We will be sending a letter home this week with directions directions on how to receive access to your students account.

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