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 Click here to submit Email Address for Senior Signing Day!




 Click here to submit Email Address for Senior Signing Day! 

Due to facility capacity, only families of graduating Seniors will be permitted to attend in addition to students. More information on ticket allowance and event details will be shared with Seniors on April 19th in their Seminar classes, including how many tickets each family will receive and how to obtain them.


All students are expected to attend our annual (and last) Senior Signing Day event. Learn more about Senior Signing Day here. 100% students need a parent form filled out. If you have not received yours, please fill out this survey to let us know how you want it sent to you.

Senior Signing Day 2024 - YES Prep Public Schools

https://forms.office.com/r/b5JLGyrpVP - let us know where to send your form





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  • Family Notes

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